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    Hydraulic & Industrial Hose Labeling System

    T.H.S. in partnership with your organization will identify, manage, and provide hydraulic hose labels, that your company deems important. This will further ensure the safety and efficiency of your plant's operation.

    Our program includes:
    • A visual inspection by trained THS technicians of the hose assemblies and related accessories in your plant
    • Inventorying of your existing hoses with size, length, end connections, application, etc..
    • Hydraulic hose identification labels with information such as: specs, date fabricated, change out date, application, and more.
    • Color coded labels to signify different departments is also available to avoid cross contamination.
    Printer Labels Labels Applying Labels
    Benefits of a Hose Labeling System
    • Having an on-file understanding of all your hose assemblies, applications, installation date, pressure ratings... will allow us to work with your technicians, establishing a change out time frame.
    • This time frame is essential in terms of potential downtime, hose failure, safety and loss of product. Our trained staff will recognize potential problems before they happen.
    • Create a "changeout program" on a set schedule to reduce downtime.
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