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    Plant Safety Audit

    THS Inc. has over 35 years of hose fabrication and expertise. Plant safety is an enormous ongoing endeavor in which it is impossible to be an expert in every field. Working closely with your service technicians, we will strive to eliminate machinery failures, costly downtime and above all personnel injuries. After our walk-thru of your plant our safety service report will be submitted to personnel of your choosing, and will be completely confidential.

    Our program includes:
    • A visual inspection by trained THS technicians of the hose assemblies and related accessories in your plant
    • A professional report containing THS observations and recommendations for corrective action
    • A follow-up program offering an educational hands-on seminar directly relating to the safety concerns in your facility
    • Optional hose labeling to include pressure test date, pressure, "when to remove from service", and more

    Remove hose from service if any of the following conditions are observed

    External Inspection
    • Evidence of leaks from the fittings or hose
    • Damaged, separated or pulled back covers
    • Cracked, damaged, deformed or badly corroded fittings
    • Poorly crimped fittings or improperly banded hose
    • Other signs of deterioration such as blisters, bulging, weathering/dry rot, gouging
    • Compromised reinforced internal wires
    • Dents or twists from over kinking
    • Discoloration of the cover
    • Check thread, gasket, and seat connections
    • Verify appropriate pressure and temperature rating
    Internal Inspection
    • Loose hose tube near the connection
    • Discolored hose tube from chemical attack
    • Cracks or flaking in the tube
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