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    Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

    On-Site Hydraulic Pressure Testing

    T.H.S. offers on-site hydrostatic pressure testing to ensure the integrity of your hose inventory. The use of damaged or compromised hose assemblies can risk both downtime and injury. To the untrained eye, these hazards may continue to exist until an accident happens, threatening not only plant machinery, but also the well-being of plant personnel. The solution? Pressure testing hydraulic hoses. The hydrostatic testing report is completely confidential and will only be provided to authorized plant personnel. For more information, please contact THS Inc.® at 732-562-1000.

    Our hydraulic pressure testing program includes:
    • A visual inspection by trained THS technicians of the hose assemblies and related accessories in your plant
    • On-site hydrostatic compression test to 1.5 times max working pressure of the assembly per NAHAD standards
    • Dated pressure test certifications to be provided to following the completion of on-site services
    • A follow up corrective action plan after pressure testing your hydraulic hoses
    Common Industrial Hose Assemblies Tested

    Printer Labels
    Rubber Suction and Discharge Assemblies
    Printer Labels
    Stainless Braided PTFE (Convoluted/Smooth)
    Printer Labels
    Chemical Assemblies (XLPE orUHMWPE)
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    Composite Assemblies
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    FDA Food Grade
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    Stainless Braided Metal Assemblies
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