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    Sanitary Hoses

    Sanitary Hoses

    At The Hose Shop, we understand that some businesses need industrial hoses that are sanitary and safe for transferring food and drink products and ingredients. That’s why we’ve compiled our inventory of sanitary hoses in one section. Now, you can find high-quality, food-safe hoses quickly and easily.

    Our selection includes sanitary hose assemblies from our PVC, rubber hose, silicone hose inventory, and more. If you need a sanitary steam or water hose, you can find it in The Hose Shop’s extensive catalog. And our highly rated service team is here if you require fabrication or custom-hose-assembly services.

    Check out our wide assortment of sanitary hoses below. You can call our expert staff if you have any questions about what industrial hoses in our inventory are food safe.

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