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    Steel Adapters

    To securely connect your hydraulic hoses to pipes, tubing, or other hoses with different sizes or thread types, you need to ensure you have steel pipe adapters on hand. The most basic function of hose pipe adapters is to match two threaded ends so that the connection is seamless and tightly sealed. As opposed to brass adapters, steel adapters provide superior wear resistance, conductivity, and durability under high pressure. Because there are so many threads and sizes, you should ensure you have a variety of adapters that can match all possible connections.

    Experts recommend steel adapters over other materials because you’ll enjoy a longer and more effective lifespan—especially in applications where corrosion will not be an issue. You’ll find that you have to replace these adapters less often and that they can endure more intense conditions. To learn more, then don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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