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    Cam and groove couplings, more commonly referred to as camlock couplings, are a popular accessory for connecting hoses together. The cam and grooves are a simple means of reliably and quickly connecting or disconnecting hoses without needing any special tools, which is why they’re so popular. Traditionally, cam and groove fittings are manufactured to military standards, so you can rest assured you’ll be purchasing a quality and effective product—not that the coupling’s performance won’t speak for itself. Providing an excellent seal when coupling two hoses, cam and groove components are error-resistant and allow any employee in your facility to use them without any extra training.

    The Hose Shop keeps plenty of these products in supply, as they’re the most popular and streamlined hose coupler. As a family-owned business, we offer unparalleled customer service alongside our impeccable catalog. Shop with us today!

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