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    3 Ways To Clean Your Hydraulic Hose Assembly

    Do you know how to clean your hydraulic hose assembly? Allow us to help you ensure your hydraulic hoses stay contaminant-free in our cleaning guide.

    by Scot Ranney • September 26, 2023

    Keeping your hydraulic hose assembly sanitary and contaminant-free is integral to safety and hose durability. Learn three ways to clean your hydraulic hose assembly from our helpful maintenance guide.

    Why Cleaning Is Critical for Hydraulic Hoses

    Hydraulic hoses aren’t any different than any other industrial and mechanical equipment; if you want them to work well and last a long time, you must perform routine cleaning. Otherwise, contaminants can cause corrosion and clogs that restrict fluid flow and contaminate the fluid.

    Hydraulic hose contaminants can damage the valves, pumps, and cylinders in the assembly, not just the hoses. Contaminants can also become safety hazards for workers handling dangerous chemicals or flammable substances. Hydraulic hose operators must clean the hoses regularly.

    How To Clean a Hydraulic Hose

    There are three ways to clean your hydraulic hose assembly: air, fluid, and projectiles. They all have benefits and disadvantages, so weigh the properties before deciding the best cleaning method.

    Air Cleaning

    Air cleaning requires operators to blow compressed air through the hoses to clear out debris and contaminants. Air cleaning is excellent for removing loose debris, dust, and any other particles in the hose. This method is fast and cost-effective but not as thorough or consistent in removing stubborn contaminants as other methods.

    Fluid Flushing

    Fluid flushing a hydraulic hose means the operators pump a cleaning fluid through the hose to remove contaminants. Fluid flushing is thorough—the cleaning fluid fills the hose and can remove exceptionally dirty and stubborn contaminants from every nook and cranny. Keep in mind that it requires special equipment and a flushing rig to provide the necessary flow and pressure, so it’s more of an investment than other cleaning methods.

    Projectile Cleaning

    You can combine projectile cleaning with air cleaning or fluid flushing. Projectile or foam cleaning uses a foam material, like a sponge, that shoots through the hose via air or fluid and scrubs the inner surface as it moves.

    Projectile foam cleaning is the most thorough method of hydraulic hose cleaning, especially when paired with fluid flushing. However, it takes longer than other methods and requires special equipment.

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